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Student Projects

Lagos Nigeria:

The Hong Kong of Africa

Podcast by Tabhita Oni

2018 University of Toronto for the class "Rethinking Development"

The challenges of over-urbanization in Lagos Nigeria and the construction of Eco Atlantic, an ambitious project aimed to boost Nigeria's economy. An innovative city that fails however to acknowledge the needs of the poor.

Illuminare Colonialismi

By Cameron Schaible.

2019 University of Toronto for the class "Tracking Insect Life"

In this project, Cameron Schaible explores Canada through his fictional character, Illuminare Colonialismi. An insect-monster inspired by Toronto's CN Tower.  Illuminare exists through a colonial drive that is still active in current times, and it embodies this complicity in its 'modern' panoptical traits.

Kawsaxkuna (Seres Vivientes)

By Sarah Chocano. 

2018, University of Toronto for the class "Rethinking Development"

The work is a creative juxtaposition of human and nonhuman actors across time. It has the purpose of depicting "a world where many worlds fit" despite the past and current violence towards indigenous populations in Peru. Sarah re-centers indigenous subjects and their relations with nonhuman entities to unsettle "Development" and to counter the current Eurocentrism present within these projects.

The Giant Flower Cyborg Beetle

By Sarah Smith.

2019 University of Toronto for the class "Tracking Insect Life"

In this project, Sarah mobilized Dona Haraway’s cyborg concept to critique dualism and constructed boundaries to compartmentalize nature, culture, society and technology. Sarah’s plant-insect-cigarette wired cyborg calls attention to our sometimes uneasy co-existence with nonhumans. She also critiques market-driven human interventions on insects, such as those that render insects in machines through wires and toxic pollutants.

Book by Makayla Dawn Isenor

Sociology and anthropology student, MSVU 2021

Project submitted for theory-based project, "authors in conversation."

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